Wedding Alternative – Wedding Reception – ‘For couples that what to have fun!’

So I was out with my sons at the local Go Bowling at Ashmore have fun with them for their birthdays.

I picked up a brochure and saw that they have Parties… Work Christmas Parties | Kids birthday parties | Teen Christmas gatherings …

and then thought….

What about Weddings at the bowling alley..

Why not have a bowling wedding so I asked the attendant at the counter and she was excited about the thought of people getting married and then bowling and using their function room as a reception…

SO I read the brochure and found that they can do 2 styles of functions…

Option 1… Cocktail Party – lots of normal cocktail food and 2 games of bowling and shoe hire included.
Option 2… Sit down Dinner 2 games of bowling and shoe hire included.

Now in the brochure it also says that a ‘bar tab’ can be set up
This would be great for a different kind of fun, family and relaxed wedding and reception alternative.
You would need a min of 15 people but this sounds like a lot of fun for small to medium size wedding for couples that want to have fun