surprise weddings – yay or nay!

the legal bits

In Australia, the legal requirements mean that only the guests must be the ones that are surprised at your surprised wedding.
Both the bride and groom must sign a Notice of Intended Marriage form with their celebrant and have that lodged at least a month before the wedding date.
why a surprise wedding

People want surprise weddings for many different reasons.
• It can be a way to manage what happens
• so they are not pressured into inviting people they don’t know
• it may be a way to keep the costs down
• for others they just don’t want any fuss
• well, some people just like to stage a big surprise

However, for a surprise wedding to work there are certain things that can help to make your celebration a huge success. Aside from conforming to the legal requirements, there are a few important factors to take into consideration.

tips for your surprise wedding to be a success

In Australia The Marriage Act states that both parties to the marriage must complete the Notice of Intended Marriage at least a month before your wedding date. See your Celebrant in advance as my celebrants and dates are booked in advance.
• Consider whether your surprise wedding is truly going to be a enjoyable surprise and not a disappointment to your family and friends as some guests may feel confused or overwhelmed. Occasionally guests feel they would have liked to dress up a little more or close friends and family may feel like they had missed out on contribution the preparation of your wedding.

• It is well worth telling immediate family – children, parents, elderly grandparents… or anyone who might be emotionally upset and even physically challenged if not told (have a heart attack at hearing the news!), trust me they could be upset.

• At the first surprise wedding I performed, they told her children, but their parents didn’t know and they were surprised and overwhelmed.

• One way to ensure that family, friends and guests arrive on time is to say that some other special event is about to happen at that time. For example if it is a ‘birthday’ party or an ‘engagement’ party people may be very casual about arriving on time. Let them know that you have exclusive activity booked that is going to start right on the dot and you wouldn’t want them to miss it.

• The best way to announce that your surprise wedding is about to take place is to have the celebrant declare what is about to occur and this gives time for everyone to digest the news, chat and laugh and then the Bride can arrive. (if she going to change into something different.




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Surprise Weddings !!

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A surprise wedding can be one of two things. One… One were a wedding is consented by both people in the relationship, and they both wish to marry. The surprise part is for the ‘guests, family and friends’. This type of wedding is valid as the couple want to marry each other and not forced into a situation… Valid marriage! Celebrant and AG happy Two… Surprise weddings involve one of the parties to the marriage being ‘surprised’, either at or shortly before the ceremony. The most popular scenario involves one...

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