NoIM = Notice of Intended Marriage

Here is a form that all brides and grooms will need to fill out with their celebrant. Once it has been completed and everyone has signed it, you have lodged the most important pieces of paperwork needed to get your wedding rolling..CONGRATS!

Mr and Mrs T

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Mr and Mrs T and I have known each other for a few years. We first meet when they asked me to name their baby girl and then I also named their next baby girl who followed soon after. But on the last day in February and the last day of Summer they got hitched in an afternoon ceremony at a local Golf Club. This turned out to be a special place as the brides parent had there reception in the same venue many years...

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Surprise Weddings !!

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A surprise wedding can be one of two things. One… One were a wedding is consented by both people in the relationship, and they both wish to marry. The surprise part is for the ‘guests, family and friends’. This type of wedding is valid as the couple want to marry each other and not forced into a situation… Valid marriage! Celebrant and AG happy Two… Surprise weddings involve one of the parties to the marriage being ‘surprised’, either at or shortly before the ceremony. The most popular scenario involves one...

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