So you are looking for a celebrant to marry you

choosing the right person for learning

So you are looking for a celebrant to marry you, here is a check list that may help you choose the correct celebrant for you.

• Have they been able to meet with you in person at a suitable time and place
Time and place that suits you

• Have you and your partner made a connection with the person (celebrant ) sitting on the other side of the table
Yes book them
No, interview another celebrant until you find the right fit

• Fee | Cost | Price… Please don’t let the mighty dollar amount be the only deciding factor when choosing your celebrant
As for the total price, are there any extras you will have to pay for, eg: signing table and chair/chairs | PA system | Travel | Rehearsal
Get a firm quote for your ceremony.
Official MC (Marriage Certificate) from BDM (Births, Deaths and Marriages) in your State or Territory. Most celebrants will not include this fee as some couples get it when they want it
Note: If you do want your MC just ask your celebrant for the extra form, fill it out and your celebrant can include this in their official paperwork when mailing to BDM.

• What will they be offering after you book your ceremony
Names for photographers
Venues for all budgets
Ideas, suggestions
Will they be able to offer you a personally written script about you for your wedding

• Do you have ideas that you would like incorporated in your ceremony, these can be
Including other family members, children, friends
Rituals: Candle, sand, padlock or an extension of a ring ceremony
A guest signing, readings, poems, Welcome to Country.

• Have they talked to you about the process we (celebrants) have to follow, set out by the AG (Attorney General Office).
When booking fee will need to be paid and date of final payment, celebrants will take a % of their fee to hold/secure the day and date you are wanting
Rehearsal this can be at the venue, your home or the celebrant’s home. It is advised that you do have one, so the bridal party knows what will happen on the day and where to stand and their role in your ceremony
Finally signing of the last forms before your ceremony, this I do at the rehearsal.
After the ceremony when will the forms be sent to BDM. They need to be sent within 14 days of your ceremony.

• Does your celebrant have the relevant insurances, memberships, are they up to date with their OPD (Ongoing Professional Development).
OPD is a mandatory requirement completed every year to be registered as a Marriage Celebrant with the AG (Attorney General).
Public and professional insurances AFCC (Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants)
I have 2 memberships I pay every year. 1. AFCC – this covers official forms, insurance support and OPD. 2. A registration fee with the AG payable every year.

• Is your celebrant using the essential forms for you to sign (new forms must be used from 01/01/2015)

• How many ceremonies does your celebrant do in one day, we are to arrive at least 20 mins before the time you have booked with us. So 3:00pm wedding we would be there at the very latest 2:40pm, most of us arrive just after 2:00pm
If you are late for any reason will the celebrant have to rush off to marry another couple because they have booked another ceremony soon after yours
I have had a bride run late, 45mins late, it wasn’t her fault, there was an accident on the way from her hotel and she was stuck in traffic. She had planned and timed the run from ‘point A to point B’ and then added time on to arrive relaxed and on time. I waited as i didn’t have to rush off. ( I do one ceremony a day)