Getting Married for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time – Weddings with Bronwyn

Posted on Jun 11, 2016

Whether you’re divorced or widowed, and if you’re getting hitched for a second time, third time or fourth time, you probably feel like you’ve been blessed with a new opportunity for life-long love and happiness. Any way Congratulations to you both.
Now you’ve got some planning to do and where do you start!
We all need help or tips for your return to the altar be as special and beautiful as possible and they way you would like your wedding ceremony.

The Dress
Get your white on, girl! (If you want) Yes, you can still wear white if you want too, it is up to you what your wear as it is your wedding and you can were whatever you would like on your wedding day.
You can blame Queen Victoria for the white wedding dress. She wore plain white to marry Prince Albert in 1840, and sparked a trend that’s lasted to this day — but, surprisingly, she didn’t wear it to symbolize purity or virginity. She just wore it because, well, she liked white dresses.
Let’s be honest: If white were reserved only for virgin brides these days, everybody that I know would have worn hot pink down the aisle. Ivory, cream or any other shade you choose is also just dandy. Don’t think you need to “tone down” your dress to be more simple since it’s the second time around. The length and style of the dress should reflect the formality of the ceremony. If you would rather something simpler, you may want to consider cocktail length, or even an elegant pantsuit if that’s more your style.

Your invitations should be worded like any other wedding invitation, depending on who’s hosting. With second marriages, there is a greater chance that the couple is hosting the event themselves since they’re presumably a little bit older and more financially equipped to do so.
If you are hosting, the great news is that second or subsequent weddings tend to be smaller and less formal, only if your want it to be. If a couple is more mature, there is a chance that their grown children might host the affair.

These will probably be worded a little bit differently than original wedding vows. This is a great opportunity to write your own vows like most couple I marry, since you probably have a clearer picture of what marriage and love means to you.
Involving your children/grandchildren
Depending on the ages of the children and grandchildren, they can be intimately involved with wedding planning and ceremony from table centrepiece to music and hair and makeup. There are several ways to involve the children in the wedding ceremony, including having them serve as attendants, flower girls/ring bearers if they’re young, or reading, ritual or blessing. Some people include vows for children in the ceremony. A ritual like unity candle ceremony or a sand ceremony involving all immediate family members might be more appropriate for your ceremony to join the families together.