2016 …… New Years Eve and New Years Day Weddings

New Year’s Eve can often be one of the most glamorous nights of the year, when revellers really push the boat out with what they wear and where they go – glitzy parties, black-tie soirees and lavish dinners.

To add the same instant luxury to your wedding, opt to host it somewhere really special. While we love a barn wedding or vineyard backdrop in the summer time, NYE calls for something grander. Think a party on a boat with a show-stopping skyline view, a rooftop bash over the city, or bagging the keys to a private manor for one raucous house party.
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NYE 16

♥♥♥ 10 Reasons to get married on New Years Eve ♥♥♥

1. Confetti and champagne are practically mandatory…. Oh yer!!!
2. Sparklers are not only welcome, they’re encouraged… Who doesn’t like sparklers
3. You’ll never forget your anniversary… you had better not!!!
4. It’s a good time to indulge before those New Year’s resolutions kick in… Oh don’t remind me!!
5. You can make use of of black, gold and silver colour schemes… Or may be Green and Red for Christmas ♥
6. And adorable “save the dates” your guests will love… Yes they will!!
7. There’s no such thing as too many lights on New Year’s Eve… The more the better!
8. It’s an excuse to require sparkly bridesmaids dresses… All that sparkles can only be good!!
9. There’s a good chance fireworks will make an appearance… and of course it will be just for your wedding.
10. The beautiful warm weather and long afternoons lends itself to a beautiful wedding shot… Great for photos as the sun slowly goes down